Are Paper Towels Safe For Rabbits? Find out Here!

Bunnies will eat and chew on everything that is within their reach. Being a rabbit owner, you may find this habit adorable and cute. But you should be aware of the things that are safe for the bunny to chew and digest. Bunnies are vulnerable. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep them safe and healthy.

Paper towels pose a threat to the bunnies. In general, for creating paper towel factories uses chlorine. As a result, it develops toxins such as furans and dioxin. They will become poisonous if the bunny eats them. If the bunny eats a paper towel only a few times, it is not that harmful. But many substances are safe and healthy for the bunny to play and eat.

In a short period, the bunnies can become ill even if they are healthy all the time. You should learn about the things that can keep the bunny safe and healthy and also the things that make them weak.

Furans And Dioxins

Furans and dioxins are harmful substances not just for rabbits but also for other creatures. They pose a risk to the immune system and can develop long-term sickness. The illnesses from these toxins vary from one to the other, starting from male or female reproductive and growth problems to severe cancer.

You might be wondering if these toxins are that dangerous, then why are we creating them? Like many other accidental inventions, these are also one of them. We got them due to the combination of particular chemicals in the factory. Many people agree that it is one of the most dangerous chemical toxin creations of science.

Other than paper towels, you can find the dioxins and furans in many things, such as farm pesticides, toilet paper rolls, and even GMOs. Many times, these chemicals do not show immediate injury. But when you use them for a long time, they will do terrible harm to the body. You should keep the bunny safe and away from these harmful toxins. It is better to know what is safe for the bunny to eat and which food makes them healthy.

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Harmful Things To Keep Away From The Bunny

Bunnies are always vulnerable to particular foods and items. You have to watch the rabbits from time to time to make sure they are not eating the foods which can harm them. It also includes both short-term and long-term digestive problems.

Like paper towels, toilet papers or tissues have plenty of dioxins and furans. It will hurt the health of the bunny when it eats a lot. Toilet papers pose similar harm to the bunny as paper towels do. You should keep them away from the rabbit’s reach. Factories use the same production process to make the toilet paper and include the exact chemical by-products.

Moreover, you should keep the wood chips and shavings away from the bunny as there are high chances of the rabbit choking on them. These substances are not a threat to the digestive system of the bunny. But when the rabbit swallows them, they are likely to restrict its windpipe, which is harmful to the bunny. It is better to remove these portable items which the rabbit may eat up.

You should also keep away a few things from the bunny’s reach. These items vary from several obvious items to some shocking and not so noticeable things. It is better to give the bunny a proper and safe diet to keep it healthy. You should feed the bunnies the foods that won’t make them fat.

A few certain foods you should not give the bunny are all the sugar treats from the store. The rich-in sugar foods are harmful to the rabbit’s digestive system and cause pain. Moreover, you should not feed chocolate and candy to the bunny.

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The non-obvious foods include a few fruits and veggies. You might think that they are healthy for the bunny, but they cause harm to it. These foods are onions, leeks, cauliflower, seeds, chives, and pits of fruits. Iceberg lettuce and avocados are very dangerous for the rabbit.

Avocados pose maximum harm to the bunny as they have plenty of persin, a toxic compound. This toxin is fatal to particular creatures like rabbits. When bunnies eat too many avocados, they will suffer from heart failure.

Many people think that the rabbits enjoy iceberg lettuce because lettuce is their food. But, unlike typical lettuce, iceberg lettuce is dangerous to bunnies. You should NEVER feed it to the young bunnies. Iceberg lettuce has a lactucarium element. When you give it to the rabbit, it will suffer from diarrhea and becomes weak and inactive. To avoid these situations, you should keep all these foods away from the bunny.

Safe Things To Give The Bunny

You can give hay to the rabbit as it is their best food and is rich in nutrients and gives the bunny crucial nourishment. It makes the bunny chew on it for a long time which reduces their teeth’ growth.

Moreover, you can feed veggies and pieces of fruit to the bunny as they are safe. More than fruits, bunnies tend to like veggies. It is better to give fruits as treats. You can get romaine lettuce for bunnies instead of iceberg lettuce, and it is safe and healthy for them.

Instead of toilet tissues or paper towels, you can give other safe things to the bunnies for their playtime. You can get them cotton towels and tree branches for their playtime. Even if the rabbit chews on these objects, they are safe and do not cause any digestive problems.

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Moreover, cardboard is also a better and safe alternative for your bunny. The rabbit can digest it with ease and can play with it as a fun toy. You can also give the round cardboard rolls of paper towels and tissues. There is no harm to the rabbits because of cardboard, and they can eat, chew or play with it.

Regular Paper Versus Paper Towels

As you know, you should not keep the paper towels within the rabbit’s reach as they are harmful. But, you can use other kinds of paper. For the rabbits, you can give them newspaper or recycled paper, as they are safe.

First of all, both the newspapers and recycled papers do not pose that much threat like paper towels. When the rabbit eats excessive amounts of newspapers or recycled paper, it may suffer from constipation and inner blockage. But eating in small quantities is healthy and safe. You can shred the newspaper or regular sheet in the rabbit’s pen.

Recycled paper and newspaper develop a top-notch motivation for the bunny to dig. It is also a natural and healthy habit. The bunnies will be busy by thinking of a few ways to make holes. To fight their boredom, they will rip the paper.

You can also use the paper to give a comfortable and soft spot for the bunny. It might sleep there.