Are Popsicle Sticks Safe for Rabbits?

There are many things you can do with a small popsicle stick. You can chew a popsicle (shocker), create fun arts, or bend it to prepare a natural bookmark! But, rabbits use these popsicle sticks for many different purposes.

The popsicle sticks are healthy and safe for rabbits. Many rabbits chew on these sticks. Before giving the popsicle sticks to the rabbit, it is better to check whether they are safe or not. Test the durability of these sticks and see if there is any toxicity from the glue.

Where To Buy Popsicle Sticks

The popsicle sticks are available in many places, be it local shops, stationery outlets, or convenience stores. You can buy them from the Dollar Store to Target! They have an affordable rate, and you can buy plenty of sticks for the rabbit. It is crucial to get the perfect and safe popsicle sticks because bad quality sticks will harm the rabbit’s health.

What Are The Right Popsicle Sticks To Buy

It is better to buy the popsicle sticks that come with a food-safe label and are reliable. If you do not want the pet to eat something terrible, it is essential to get only the food-safe popsicle sticks. Besides being food-safe, you have to make sure that they are also durable. Many rabbits chew on these sticks for a long time, so you have to check whether they will break or not. If they are breaking down, it can be harmful to the rabbit. Due to this possible danger, you have to be cautious of the durability of the sticks.

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Ideas For Popsicle Stick Toys

As the rabbits will chew on these popsicle sticks, you should make it fun and entertaining! Below are a few ways you can use to make popsicle sticks more interesting:

Popsicle Wood Chime:

You can make this toy in a spiral wind chime structure. For making this, you need to trim the popsicle sticks into even length and clean them. You might find this a bit tiresome, but your efforts will create an excellent play toy for your rabbit.

After cutting the popsicle sticks into pieces, you have to stick them together using non-toxic and safe glue. Check twice to see if you are using non-toxic glue or not. Consider using only a tiny amount of glue on these sticks. It is better not to create trash on this wood chime so your rabbit will have fewer chances to touch the adhesive.

At last, you have to use the hook and loop to hang the wood chime above the floor. It is best not to keep it either too high or too low as per the rabbit’s reach. After choosing the desirable spot, you can hang this toy. Now, enjoy watching the rabbit having fun with its new toy.

Wooden Tree:

Making the wooden tree is very easy. If you have three popsicle sticks, toxic-free glue, and small yet strong cardboard, you can create this toy in a flash. Using the three sticks together, build a triangle and attach them with the glue. Make sure that the sticks are glued together and put enough glue on the cardboard. Now, place the base of the popsicle stick triangle at a 45 degrees angle. After the toy is dried, you can give it to your rabbit.

Other natural ideas:

Allow your mind to run crazy! As you are the rabbit owner, you might have an idea of its likes and dislikes. If you have skills, you can make plenty of toys with safe resources in your home.

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Safety Concerns

Popsicle sticks are stylish, and your rabbit will have fun with them. But, there are a few concerns regarding the pet’s safety while playing with popsicle sticks.


Fracturing is one of the topmost concerns for the rabbit. Rabbits often like to chew on the popsicle sticks, and at some point, these sticks might break. It is dangerous for your rabbit. There are a few ways to make sure that the rabbit is not getting hurt from the splintering. It is better to file down and make the wood soft and even. You might find this process a bit time taking and tedious. But, it helps in decreasing the chances of your rabbit suffering from splinters.

Glue Toxicity:

You have to use only the non-toxic glue for attaching the popsicle sticks. Avoid using glue that does not have a non-toxic label because it might harm the rabbit’s health. Be aware not to use the things that might harm your rabbit.

To-Do And Not To Do Things

The rabbits are specific and sensitive creatures. You have to be cautious about the things to do and not to do with your pet rabbit.


Keep It Interesting

Rabbits like to have plenty of playtimes. If you make their playtime more fun and fascinating, they will love it! While creating toys with the popsicle stick, try your best to make it entertaining! Use your creativity to allow the rabbit to enjoy its playtime with different toys.


When your rabbit is chewing on the popsicle sticks, it is better to observe the pet. There are fewer chances of the rabbit getting hurt if you are watching it.

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Create More Toys

Giving more toys will make your rabbits happy and active. Due to their high energy levels and playfulness, it is better to give your pets plenty of toys. If you have skills and resources, build as many toys as you can.


Using The Wrong Materials

When you make toys with the wrong materials, your rabbit will suffer from various health problems. It is crucial to check the material twice before making anything from them.

Keeping It Boring

If you give a boring toy to your rabbit, it would not like to play with that toy. The rabbits are particular about their likes and dislikes. It is better to buy or make the toys only if you think your pet will enjoy them. This method makes you and the rabbit happy.

Leaving The Rabbit Alone

When you are not watching the rabbit, it tends to get into trouble by eating the splinters. Nobody wants their rabbit to injure itself because of a chunk of wood. You have to watch the pet and should not leave it alone to avoid these situations.

Final Words

Though popsicle sticks are not the best chew toys for the rabbit, they are fun and attractive toys. Sometimes these sticks are harmful to pets, and you can avoid dangerous situations by being cautious. Make imaginative and safe things with popsicle sticks so your rabbit can enjoy and stay happy.