Can 2 Rabbits Share 1 Carrier?

You may like traveling, but for rabbits, that’s not the case. Traveling isn’t fun for rabbits as they feel happiest when they are at a place that is familiar to them. Taking rabbits away from their home turf to an unknown place can be stressful for them. If, at some time, you put more than one rabbit in a small, enclosed carrier, it may sound to be a bad idea. Well, it is not that bad in certain cases.

Putting two rabbits in the same carrier is favorable if both of them bond pretty well. Additionally, the carrier should also be large enough to accommodate two rabbits. When you put two rabbits in the same cage, then there is a chance that they both fight, resulting in some severe injuries. However, if such a thing does not happen, and both the rabbits get along with each other, then nothing can be better than that. Both of them can become excellent travel buddies, or we can say travel bunnies. They can even keep each other calm and give good company.

If we talk about the short trips to the vet, the rabbit owners may have to do so frequently as rabbits are sensitive creatures that often get sick. So, to make this task easier, proper preparation and forethought are required. Keep yourself prepared well in advance to get the best results and ensure your rabbits’ safety and happiness.

Traveling With Multiple Rabbits

By just looking at the rabbits, you can’t make out this, but they are naturally territorial animals in reality. Don’t go on their soft and cute looks. Whenever rabbits sense any danger, rabbits’ survival instincts get activated. These instincts drive them to fight for their lives, and these calm-looking creatures attack by biting and boxing. So, if you are keeping rabbits together, make sure that they mix up well before you take them on a trip. Otherwise, the rabbits can threaten each other and can cause some severe injuries.

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Two unfamiliar rabbits need to bond with each other before you put them in the same enclosed space together. If you put two unfamiliar rabbits in a strange unusual space, then the results would be devastating.

If your rabbits are familiar with each other and are really good friends, then that’s a positive thing. Knowing each other can help them to be calm more than traveling alone would. For instance, even if one of your rabbits needs to be checked, you can take both of them together to the vet. Rabbits can provide support and comfort to each other.

Which Kind Of Carrier Is Suitable?

Rabbit carriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But, the quality and comfort levels of all the carriers are not the same. While choosing a carrier, it is necessary to take into consideration the size, level of comfort, as well as sturdiness of the carrier. It is also important that the carrier can offer enough space to accommodate two rabbits conveniently. All these factors are vital to consider in order to improve the quality of your trip.

So, how will you know which size is most suitable to accommodate two rabbits? For that, keep the following things in mind:

  • The carrier should be big enough to allow the rabbits to turn around conveniently.
  • They can comfortably sleep and stretch in it.
  • It should also be large enough that they can walk a little in it.
  • In addition to all this, there should be enough space left to keep the blanket for them along with their few favorite toys.

All this doesn’t mean that you choose the largest carrier. Bigger isn’t always the better. An extra-large-sized carrier can make your rabbits slide around whenever you drive through a sharp turn or swerves.

Avoid using a travel carrier that is shaky, flimsy, collapsible, or anything that could put your rabbit’s welfare in danger. Many people use cardboard boxes. This might be a cheap and convenient option, but your rabbits can easily chew it out. Also, if in case any accident occurs, a cardboard box could not do much to protect your little bunnies.

The carrier should be adequately ventilated. But, remember, it should not be too much blustery. Ventilation to breathe comfortably is enough, but excessive drafts can startle your rabbits, and they can get tensed.

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How To Get The Best Results When Going On Short Trips?

If you take some necessary precautions, then going on short trips with your rabbits can become much easier than ever before. On short trips, you don’t need to prepare much and are easy to manage as you will travel only a couple of hours at most.

One of the essential things that you need to take care of is keeping your furry friends calm. Rabbits are prey animals, and therefore, even a slight noise or a change in surroundings can frighten them. Putting a rabbit in a totally unfamiliar environment right off the bat can scare it and cause panic.

Pre-Travel Precautions

The first thing that you should do before taking your rabbits on a trip is to familiarize them with their carrier.

Sometime before you leave for the trip, put the carrier in the play area of your rabbits with the door open. Put some of their favorite toys and other known stuff, like towel or blanket, inside the carrier. This will attract the rabbits to get inside the carrier and get used to it. Let your rabbits explore the carrier from inside out. Allow them to get their scents on the carrier.

Once they get comfortable with the carrier, put both of them inside it gently and close the door. Now, take the carrier and move around for a while. This will work as a test drive for them to understand the idea that they are going to be together in the same space.

An even better idea is to go for a literal test drive. You can take the rabbits on a short car drive and notice how they react. If both of them are comfortable with it, then nothing can be better than that. But, if any one or both of them are a bit nervous or stressed out, then this is the most efficient way to make them habitual to the car ride. Making them acquainted with the car ride and training them beforehand can make your road trip a success.

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Before going on a trip, prepare for traveling by:

  • For making your rabbits comfortable, put their blanket or towel inside the carrier. Don’t use a fresh one; use the one they already have their scent on.
  • Keep them away from the outside world. Rabbits are very sensitive to loud and unfamiliar noises, along with unusual smells and flashing lights. All these things can make them anxious and stressed. So, it is better to cover the carrier with a sheet to block them from the outside world. But make sure that the carrier remains well ventilated.
  • Keep your radio’s voice low. As rabbits’ hearing is too sensitive, loud noises can make them panic.
  • Properly tie your carrier to avoid sliding. Car travel can be bumpy, and sharp turns can make the carrier slide around. So, it is better to tie it securely.
  • Rabbits can manage in cold temperatures, but they are susceptible to heat. So, make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on the carrier and it is adequately covered. Also, keep the A/C on during the whole trip to maintain a low temperature inside the car. Remember; don’t ever leave your rabbits unattended in a hot car.

What About Long trips?

Taking rabbits on long trips is not considered a good idea. A long journey can be arduous for them to handle. To be happy and healthy, rabbits need ample space, and they need to run around and exercise. All this is not possible when you are traveling. Taking your rabbit on a long trip should be a last resort. First, consider other options too, like getting a pet sitter to take care of them, or you can also put them in a pet hotel. All these options will be much more comfortable for your rabbits than going on a long trip. If they are together, they will be much happier.