Can A Neutered Rabbit Still Spray? Explained

Being a rabbit owner, at some point, you have to make a necessary and important decision of whether to make rabbits neutered or not. When you neuter the rabbits, they have a few long and short-term effects. You may have a typical doubt of, “Is it possible for neutered rabbits to spray.”  

After neutering, the rabbits can start spraying through surgery. Even after neutering the rabbit, the sexual hormones of the rabbits stay inside its body for four to six weeks. Between these four to six weeks, it is natural for rabbits to spray, and later on, the rabbit reduces spraying 

When the rabbit is neutered but sprays continuously even after six weeks, it is a complex issue. Are you wondering about many things such as, What neutering and spraying mean? Why do rabbits spray? Are there any advantages of neutering the rabbits? You will find answers for every doubt.  

Can Rabbits Still Spray After Neutering? 

Neutering is a process veterinarians use to remove rabbit’s sexual organs, especially the male rabbit’s testes. Many owners neuter their rabbits for several reasons. Some reasons are it gives advantages for the rabbit’s life and the pet owner. You will learn the benefits of the neutering process later on in this post.  

The rabbits are territorial animals, and when it marks their territory or space, it is known as spraying. All rabbits spray their area with their urine that often stinks. 

Some rabbit experts and sources comment, “Rabbits naturally mark their territory. The un-neutered male rabbits mark their territory along with its female rabbit by pouring urine on them.”  

You have to remember that spraying and spaying are two different things. Spaying is a process for extracting a female rabbit’s sexual organs, making it infertile. In a simple and understanding way, neutering is the male version of spaying. Hence, when you read terms like neutering and spraying, the entire context is only about male rabbits.  

One primary reason for neutering the male rabbit is to remove its sexual organs and reduce aggressive body hormones, so it will stop doing activities like spraying and more.  

Even after neutering, the rabbit’s hormones run through its internal body veins and stay there for up to six or more weeks, which is a common problem.  

According to sources, “The neutered male bunnies sometimes do things like spraying, humping and always act as a normal male rabbit.”  

One thing to remember is, you can not see everything in an instant or a day. You do not have to worry if you can not see the effects the next day, as they will start slowly. However, it is a problem if you can not see the changes in six weeks.  

What To Do After Neutering The Rabbit 

As you know, the male rabbits will spray for a few weeks even after neutering. How long do the rabbits spray? What is next after neutering the rabbit? 

After neutering, the male rabbits will have stitches on their body which sometimes causes slight pain. After the operation, you need to wait fourteen days for the veterinarian to remove these stitches.  

One crucial thing you have to do after neutering your rabbit is to get a sheet of antibiotics from the rabbit veterinarian. Because of the cuts and thread stitches, sometimes the rabbits will catch a few infections, which you must prevent by taking good care of the bunny. 

Now, you may want to know how much time the rabbits need to stop spraying.  

You might need to wait for about six weeks after the surgery for the neutering effects to stop 

According to the source from rabbit specialists, “You have to leave your pet rabbit on its own for about four to six weeks so that if there is any excess sperm it will disappear and also the stitching wounds will heal.”  

During the span of these six weeks, it is your responsibility to place your rabbit away from the other rabbits. The aggressive levels of the rabbit are at their peak during this time.  

Like the other medical operations, the patient needs a certain amount of time to recover from the post-surgery effects, and it also applies to the neutered rabbit. The male rabbit will start to act like the typical rabbits after four or six weeks.  

Advantages Of Neutering Your Rabbit 

One primary benefit of neutering the male rabbit is the decrease of spraying habits. Apart from that, you have to know there are several benefits from neutering your rabbit.  

Here are the benefits of neutering and spaying: 

  • Removes the risk of rabbits getting testicular cancer 
  • It can comfortably live with female rabbits without reproduction 
  • The rabbit becomes less aggressive 
  • The rabbit can’t produce babies
  • The rabbit will spray less amount of urine in your home 
  • It can live longer 
  • The rabbit develops friendly and calm behavior
  • There are little to no risk of a rabbit getting urinary tract diseases or infections 
  • The rabbits won’t become lazy or fat  

After seeing the above list, it is evident that there are several reasons for neutering the male rabbit. Even though spraying is one of the best benefits, it is not the only reason.  

When Is The Right Time And How To Neuter The Rabbit? 


As of now, you know the advantages of neutering your rabbit. Here is the information about when to get the male rabbit neutered and the female rabbit spayed.  

According to the sources, “You can spay the female rabbits once they are sexually mature when they are four months old. As for male rabbits, you can neuter them between eight to twelve weeks as their testicles will descend at that time.”  

You can neuter your male rabbit as soon as possible. 

Besides, it shows the significance of neutering and spaying your male rabbit. Logically, if neutering your rabbit is not crucial, then there is no way to get permission to do it at an early age. Just this proof alone shows the importance. 


You know when to do the neutering, and do you know how to do it?  

Firstly, the place where you go for neutering is crucial. It is better to take your rabbit to a rabbit specialist or experienced veterinarian so they can do the neutering process.  

When you don’t know any veterinarian, it is good to ask for information from your local rabbit pet shop. These pet shops know different veterinarians as they will take rabbits for checkups.   

Secondly, you need to have an essential budget beforehand for neutering. Also, the fee for neutering rabbits is different as it depends on the place and process.  

According to the sources, “Average price for neutering or spaying your rabbit is $250.”   

It is crucial to remember that the price for neutering varies by location, and it starts from at least $75 to some hundreds of dollars. When your priority is the rabbit’s health and well-being, you can select the expensive place for neutering.  

You will get to know more about neutering and the post-surgery effects. When the impacts are not visible in the early stages, you will see them over time.