Can a Rabbit Wear a Harness All the Time? Find Out Here

Every owner wants to connect with the pet’s life as they love them! We all want to spend more time with pets by playing with them. While taking the pets for a walk, you have to use a harness or a collar. When you have pet rabbits, this might be difficult for you. Bunnies will feel uncomfortable and afraid of them. 

You should not keep a harness on the bunny for a long time. While training, you should make the rabbit wear it, and that too only for a short period. When you introduce the harness to the bunnies during their training period, they will feel comfortable and ready to wear it

It is better to know that the bunnies are free-roaming creatures, and they like to have freedom. If you wear a harness on them, they will feel uneasy. 

Training Bunnies With Harness 

This entire procedure might frustrate you and the bunny. But if you appreciate and see how the bunny is behaving, it will be helpful. It is better to buy the correct size harness. Select the model, which has enough space for you to keep two fingers. It makes it easy for the bunny to breathe with ease. 


As you know that the harness is an unnatural thing for bunnies, they will feel uncomfortable at first. Give some time to the rabbit to adjust themselves. As a bunny owner, it might irritate you. But you have to wait for some time to ensure the bunny’s safety. 

Introduce The Harness To The Bunny 

Rabbits, being one of the weakest and fearful creatures, need crucial introductions. Every time you train the bunny, keep the harness in front of it. It is better to leave the bunny alone so that it will come to it. When the rabbit approaches and plays with the harness, it is a positive indication. But if the bunny refuses to go near it, you have to do some more work. If possible, sprinkle some attractive scent on the harness. 

Persuading The Bunny To Wear The Harness 

It is the only process that causes maximum frustration to the rabbit owners. Bunnies like to stay comfortable. When you put an uncomfortable harness on them, it is natural for the rabbit to refuse it. While leaving it on the bunny, it is better to feed its favorite treat. After that, leave the bunny alone for 20 to 25 minutes. 

If the bunny puts on the harness, do not take it to a walk right after it. Give some time for the rabbit to feel familiar with the sensation of wearing the harness. When you see that the rabbit is eating or feeling uneasy wearing it after a few days, do not try it again. If the bunny adjusts to the harness, let it walk around to get the feel of it. 

Roaming The Bunny Indoors 

When the bunny is comfortable wearing the harness, it is time for you to take it for a few walks. It is better to walk it indoors for the first few times. Take the bunny to walk in your home where it feels comfortable. While walking with the rabbit, pull it as gently as possible. You have to remember that the bunnies have delicate bones. When you tug them with force, they will fall and wounds themselves. 


If you see that the bunny is satisfied with the harness and is walking, it is a good indication. After seven days, you can take the rabbit to roam outdoors. If you are still worried, you can walk with the bunny in your backyard or garden. 

Which Type Of Harness Should I Buy?

It is better to know more about the type of harness you want to get for the bunny. Even before thinking about the rabbit wearing it, you should consider the above point. You might need more patience to do this procedure. When the bunny is not impressed with the harness, it would never wear it. Bunnies are the kind of animals that are specific about their likes and dislikes. It is better to buy the harness with adjustable features so you can adjust the size around the belly and chest area. Get an easy-to-use harness with a flexible strap, which has a durable screen. If it has a secure, soft, and velcro grip, the bunny will be comfortable wearing the harness. 

Walking The Bunny 

When you take the bunny for a walk, it is better to make sure that the path is safe from danger. Take the rabbit to an open and spacious area where you can not often find other animals. It is better to avoid taking bunnies to the busy roadside streets. These streets will have several things which might scare the bunny. It is not a good situation both for you and the rabbit. 

You have to remember that the bunnies are easy prey and have several predators. Also, they are afraid all the time. It is better to wear the harness loosely on the rabbit. When it feels afraid, the rabbit won’t get hurt by the loose grip, even if it is trying to run away. 

How Much Time Should I Keep The Harness On The Bunny? 

You should keep the harness on the bunny ONLY when it is time to train or walk them. For the remaining time, it is better to leave it alone without restricting its freedom. 

Is using the collars a good alternative? 

Like the harness, pet collars are the same. In general, the harness comes with a collar. Back to our main question, are collars a good choice for bunnies? Yeah, you can fix collars on the bunnies. Though it is not suitable to keep the collar on it, you can still fix it on bunnies to deal with crucial situations! Here are a few tips you use while getting a belt to the bunny: 

  • It is not good to keep the collar on the rabbit with force. 
  • Keep it a bit loose so they can breathe but not too loose for the rabbit to come out. 
  • Do not tug the leash with too much power over the collar. Bunnies have weak bones.

It is better to get a least that is loose and can expand. Bunnies, being fearful creatures, will run away at any minute. 

Be Aware Of The Rabbit’s Mood 

One way to show your respect towards the rabbit is by understanding its mood. When the bunny chews or struggling to remove the harness, do not use it again. While putting the belt on it, if the rabbit does not move, it is better not to force it. Always be ready to know what the bunny is feeling at that moment. Be attentive and polite of the bunny’s private space.