Can Rabbits Eat Horse Hay? (Hint: Yes but Find Out Why)

Rabbits are some of the most fun creatures to have around any home. They’re perfect for kids, those new to raising animals, and more. 

Despite this, all of this joy comes with a great deal of responsibility, as with all pets. 

You must keep an eye on these mischievous beings in order to care for them. Food is the most important aspect of good health for rabbits in particular. 

Owners of rabbits are constantly concerned about what to feed their beloved pets. If you’re wondering if a rabbit can eat horse hay, the answer is a resounding yes!

There are also a few striking advantages to feeding your rabbit horse hay, mentioned below.

5 Benefits of Rabbits Eating Horse Hay  

1: It’s Pure 

One of the best things that anyone can do for their rabbits is to feed them nutritious food. Rabbits are voracious eaters, and they will chew on anything that comes their way. 

However, they can’t always meet their nutritional requirements. 

Because of this, it’s critical to feed your bunnies not only nutrient-rich food but also pure food. 

Horse hay is thought to be very clean, as it’s generally free of weeds and toxic plants. Furthermore, it’s low in carbohydrates, which keeps your rabbit on a clean and healthy diet. 

Eating nutritious and weed-free food ensures that the rabbit grows healthier. In the long track, this will shield you and your rabbit from having to visit the vet regularly.

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2: Fiber-Rich 

Horse hay is rich in fiber, with fiber being one of the most integral food components to keep rabbits healthy

Fiber, for instance, is essential for rabbit dental health because it increases tooth abrasion. 

Additionally, chewing on fibers takes time, which improves your rabbit’s psychological well-being by keeping their mind busy. 

Rabbits’ long-term diets must include a significant amount of fiber. Horse hay contains enough fiber to meet the requirement.

3: Cost-Effective 

When we get a rabbit, we take on the additional responsibility of caring for something other than ourselves and our families.

Keeping a rabbit entails a wide range of responsibilities. You must look after their food, living conditions, and health. In all of this, horse hay can be a lifesaver. 

Horse hay is not at all expensive and is easily accessible and reasonably priced at many auctions. 

Giving high-quality rabbit food will keep them healthy and save you money on unnecessary vet bills. Saving money when with your rabbits isn’t all that hard.

4: Full of Nutrients

Horse hay contains a lot of nutrients. If you have both rabbits and horses, they can share the hay, letting you save money by purchasing in bulk. 

It will likewise save you time because you will not have to go to the auctions for hay multiple times. 

This is also a fun activity for rabbits and horses to share to foster a healthy bond; believe me, I’ve seen rabbits and horses become best buddies; it happens!

5: Great for Digestion

Horse hay helps keep rabbits’ digestive systems from becoming overworked and exhausted, as high-fiber foods benefit their digestive health. 

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Foods rich in fiber, on the other hand, increase the risk of obesity in some rabbits. 

As a result of the effect on the digestive system, some rabbits may endure Gastrointestinal Stasis, a disorder in which the digestive system becomes sluggish, though the risk is low.

Commonly Asked Questions 

How is Horse Hay Made? 

Horse hay is manufactured in four steps. The first step is cutting, followed by tedding, raking, and finally bailing. 

The majority of the time, the process of making horse hay is done professionally. The process of cutting is carried out depending on the stage of plant growth and the weather. 

This is accomplished with the sickle mower and the rotary disc mower. After the plant has been cut, it is left to dry. Tedding is the process of drying hay in a trough. 

Raking is the final stage of hay drying. Wheel rakes are commonly used for this purpose. The final step is to bail. You can choose between square and round baling. 

Both have advantages and disadvantages. The hay is then stored after it has been bailed.

Can I Farm my Horse Hay?

If you’re doing it on a larger scale, you’ll need professional training and advice. However, it’s not always necessary to do so on a large scale. 

You can make your hay if you have animals that enjoy it, such as horses and rabbits. It’s a very simple method that doesn’t require the use of a tractor or large farm equipment. 

All you need is your hands-on grass and a plot of land to dry and store it properly. Hay can even be dried inside your home. Have some grass, cut it, and allow it to dry for at least a day. 

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How can I Take Care of The Hay?

One piece of advice I have for you is to watch out for hay quality. To begin, it’s critical to dry the hay at an optimal level during the hay-making process. 

Both over-drying and under-drying have negative consequences. For example, if hay is baled when it is too wet, it can spoil. Even if you think your hay is fine, mold can still grow on it. 

This means that the hay has become contaminated. However, if it is dried or handled excessively, it can cause hay leaf damage. 


A rabbit eating horse hay may sound strange, but it’s perfectly fine for a rabbit to eat horse hay. It’s not a bad idea to feed it to them, bringing in several advantages. 

To begin, horse hay is not just ordinary food; it is also high in fiber. Fiber is beneficial to both the digestive tract and one’s mental health. 

In addition, if processed properly, horse hay is a pure type of food. This will improve your rabbit’s health. 

The final but most important factor is that horse hay will save you money that you would otherwise spend on more expensive and less nutritious food.