Concrete Vs Grass: Which Is the Best for Rabbit Runs?

Rabbits are amongst the most active mammals. They love to move and roam around as they get bored sitting in one place. So, they always need some space to move around, and the best option for them is a rabbit run. When it comes to running, an essential thing is a floor. If the floor feels comfortable to the rabbits, they will be more motivated to run and have a lot of fun.

If we compare concrete floor and grass, concrete will be the best possible option for a rabbit run. It is because concrete floors are strong as well as sturdy and also prevent any escape. On the other hand, grass is also a good option, but it will need proper supervision. You will have to put in some effort to maintain it. So, whichever floor you choose, always keep in mind your rabbit’s needs as well as your preferences.

Rabbit runs are outstanding and beneficial for rabbits. The most important component of a rabbit run is its flooring. Hence, a good choice of flooring will make the run an even better exercising tool for your rabbit.  Through a run, your rabbit can get 3 to 4 hours of exercise on a daily basis which will keep it active. A run will not serve as a permanent living space, so its softness is not the primary concern. While choosing the floor for a rabbit run, to make your rabbit enjoy more, go through the following simple tips and suggestions.

Concrete And Its Benefits

One of the excellent choices for flooring of a rabbit run is concrete. It provides a comfortable feel to your rabbit and also offers a number of perks too. It is right that your rabbit will not be spending its whole day in the run but will be enjoying every minute it spends there. So, it is necessary that you choose a floor that is safe and healthy for your little bunny.

  • One of the reasons that most rabbit owners choose concrete flooring is that the rabbit will be unable to dig into it. A rabbit is an animal that has got natural digging instincts. But you obviously would not want your rabbit to dig into the flooring, get outside in the open and run away.

The concrete floor gives you the benefit of discouraging escape through digging and keeps your rabbit safe from predators and other dangers of the outside world.

  • As your rabbit will be spending many hours inside the run, it is natural to excrete and make other mess there. One of the ways to deal with this problem is to give litter training to your rabbit. Also, you should use a floor that is easy to clean, and concrete is much easier to clean in comparison to grass.
  • Another advantage of using a concrete floor is that it is solid and sturdy, which will not break down easily. It means you will not have to worry about changing the flooring every now and then, as concrete will last much longer than grass. Concrete flooring is stable, too, which makes it a nice option for a rabbit run.
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Concrete and Its Drawbacks

Concrete offers a lot of perks, but still, there are some cons of it too. If you use concrete, it will provide you with sturdiness, convenience, and protection, but it can also be problematic for your pet.

  • Concrete is not soft like grass. Rabbits have sensitive feet, and when they spend hours on such a hard floor, it can be harsh for their feet. A concrete floor can possibly damage a rabbit’s feet due to its harshness.
  • Other domestic animals like cats and dogs have got pads on their feet. But, rabbits don’t have any pads and only have thick fur on their feet’ bottom area. As the rabbits will play on the solid and hard concrete floor, their feet fur will get rubbed off. This can result in sores on their feet and can inflict some damage too.
  • Another issue with using a concrete floor is that it gets too hot under the scorching sun of summer. Rabbits are susceptible animals and are unable to bear much heat. So, a hot floor will make the rabbit’s body temperature go high, and it will become unbearable and dangerous for them to stand the summer heat.
  • If we look at the other side of the coin, just like in summer, concrete gets too hot, it also gets too cold during winters. Depending on the area you live in, a too cold area can also be fatal for rabbits. However, rabbits, due to their thick fur, can manage in winters better than summers.

What does Grass Have To Offer?

It is correct to say that concrete has a whole lot of benefits to offer. It can even be safe and healthy for your rabbit. But, you have got another option in your hand too, in the form of grass. Grass also works well as rabbit run flooring and has some positive things to offer if you choose it.

  • The plus side of using grass is that it is much gentler on rabbit’s feet than concrete. Rabbits will enjoy the feel of soil under their feet. They will be more excited about running and playing due to the comfort provided by the grass. As grass feels soft, it is less likely that your rabbit will suffer from sores. Instead, it will have a great time enjoying around.
  • Grass has a natural coolness in it. This means even under the summer sun, the rabbit will have a comfortable cooler grass floor on which it can lounge a bit. The grass will keep the body temperature of the rabbit in control and keep it from rising.
  • Rabbits just can’t resist chewing, and whenever they see something green, they just want to eat it. Choosing a grass floor for the run will work as a natural food source for your rabbit. Grass provides fiber content to rabbits and is healthy for them. So, your rabbit will enjoy having a grass floor as it will be able to eat while exercising.

The Downsides Of Grass

Despite offering several good things, the downsides of grass outweigh its plus points. There are a number of risks that you and your pet can face due to the use of grass flooring. However, taking care of an animal is already associated with a lot of risks.

  • One of the most significant issues in using a grass floor is that it can easily be dug into. We already know that digging is a natural instinct of rabbits. In the wild, they even dig 4 feet deep to create their burrows and warrens.
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So, when you have grass flooring in the rabbit run, the rabbit will want to dig into it. Once it discovers that nothing is holding it to get free, it will try to dig out and escape. Escaping free becomes dangerous when your little one has to face the dangers of the outside world, which wouldn’t have bothered it otherwise.

  • Now think, if your rabbit can dig out from the run, then there are also chances that a predator can also dig in. This will place your rabbit in a life-threatening situation putting you in a constant worry about the safety of your bun.
  • Another problem with grass is that it is not that long-lasting. It will not hold up for a long time and probably be destroyed in a few days. As your rabbit will continuously run on grass and chew it, this will result in breaking down of the grass and leaving the rabbit run with a floor of dirt. This will make the rabbit run unpleasant and unattractive for your rabbit.
  • Rabbits will be enjoying more if they will have a clean playing space. So, you will need to keep the rabbit run clean from any mess or excretion. But, when it comes to grass, it is challenging to clean the rabbit poop from it, particularly when it is fresh. A dirty run will seem unappealing to your rabbit, and it will not be enjoyable at all.

What Other Things Can Be Put In A Rabbit Run?

A rabbit run is an excellent thing to keep your rabbit active and playful. Other than the floor, there are other things that can be placed inside the rabbit run as per your own discretion and your rabbit’s needs. The floor is not the only thing that can make your rabbit feel comfortable; there are other things too.

  • Rabbits like to play and hide around. So, to make the rabbit run interesting for your little bunny, you can create some places in it for your bunny to hide. You can simply do it by cutting holes in the cardboard boxes and placing them inside the run. These boxes can even work as tunnels to play.
  • Another thing that you can put in the run is a digging box. Especially when you are using a concrete floor, there will be nothing for the rabbit to dig into. Putting a digging box will satisfy your rabbit’s urge to dig. The rabbit will also not hurt its paw digging into something that is not meant to be dug.
  • If the rabbit run does not have anything to play with, the rabbit will get bored. A bored rabbit will then find ways to escape from the run, which can turn out to be very dangerous. So, to keep your bunny occupied, you can put plenty of toys in the run. If there will be toys to play with, the rabbit will remain excited and playful. Keeping some extra toys will also be better so that you can switch the toys inside the run. Toys will not let your rabbit lose interest and will keep it busy playing with something new in the long run.
  • An important thing that should be present in a rabbit’s run is a shaded area. A part of the run should be shaded so that your rabbit can go under it whenever it gets tired of playing under the hot sun. The shaded area will work as a cooler part where the rabbit can go whenever it feels too hot.
  • If you are using a concrete floor, it will be wise to leave some softer areas too. It could be anything soft and comfortable like a tight-knit rug or even some sod. Placing these at some areas of the floor will allow the rabbit to take a break from the hardness of the concrete floor.
  • To make the run more exciting for your rabbit, you can put in some woodchips or bark covering. It will add some texture to the bare concrete floor. It will make the run a more comforting place for your rabbit to roam around and exercise.
  • Another essential thing that you should always keep inside the run is food and water for your rabbit. Rabbit has a natural habit of chewing. Putting some food will allow it to satisfy its chewing instinct and also provide it the needed nutrients. From playing and exercising, your rabbit may get thirsty. Putting some freshwater inside will keep your rabbit hydrated.
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Rabbits are active animals that need space to move around. Hence, it will be wise to keep the rabbit run large in size to give your rabbit enough area to roam. Keep the rabbit run’s size at least 8 feet by 4 feet. If you want to make it bigger, it is also fine. More the space better it will be for your rabbit.

Why A Rabbit Run Is Essential?

Rabbit run is a perfect way to keep your rabbit healthy and active. If you place all the necessary items inside it, then your rabbit will have an excellent area where it can exercise and spend some enjoyable time.

The rabbit run will act as the area where your rabbit can move freely and stay physically fit. We usually do not let our rabbits go out of the cage to keep them safe from predators. Hence, a rabbit run will be a place for your rabbit to get out of the cage and feel free. All in all, a rabbit run works as a place where your rabbit can stretch itself, move around, and enjoy some happy time playing.