Do Pet Rabbits Come Back If They Escape? Here’s the Answer!

When your bunny is missing, you might start worrying about it. No owner likes it when their pet is in a dangerous situation or missing. Bunnies are animals with plenty of curiosity. When you keep them out of their pen, they tour around, and sometimes they will lose track.

The bunny won’t return to your house when you do not perform things to grab their attention back to its pen. When the rabbits are not familiar with the directions to your place, they would not know how to return. When going to an area, bunnies depend on their senses or instincts instead of their eyesight.

The pet owner wants the bunny to return to its pen as fast as possible. Here, you will know the potential reasons why the bunny runs away from your home. You will also learn how the bunnies would come across dangers and what you can do to find the rabbit.

Why did the bunny run away?

There are many possible reasons why the bunny might run away from your home. It might be because of their curiosity or due to them feeling uncomfortable.


Bunnies, being curious animals, enjoy exploring new surroundings and areas. The bunny feels comfortable and safe around you. But, it might go out to tour around the different spots.


When the rabbit is not happy with its current environment, it might run away from that place. If you are not fulfilling the bunny’s necessities or if it is boring, it will escape.

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When the bunnies are afraid of your home or anything scary near their pen, they will run away. If the rabbit is nervous, it will escape from there.

Will The Bunny Return Home?

There is no precise answer to this doubt as it depends on the situation. Depending on how you take care of the rabbit and how much the bunny trusts you, the answer will vary.

If the bunny is being curious and goes out to check the place, it will come back home or at least tries to come back. When the rabbit understands the whole situation, it will realize that it is in danger and tries to return home.

If the bunny is unhappy in your house or feels bored all the time, it will run away when it gets a chance. The rabbits will feel free while escaping from your home. Also, they will run away as far as possible from your home.

But when the bunny feels afraid while escaping, it will come back home quickly. When the rabbit runs to a distant place, it will take time to calm down. The moment your bunny realizes that it is in danger, it will try to find the way to your house.

Which Kind Of Dangers Will The Bunny Come Across In Outdoors?

Here is a list of dangers that your bunny might have to face when it escapes your home.

Weather And Temperature

Bunnies are vulnerable and sensitive. When they are in extreme weather conditions for a long time, they will die. If the outside weather is hot, the bunny will suffer from heatstroke, which results in their death.

Predators Animals

Bunnies are the natural prey animals, and they have several predators. When the rabbits are in a place where there are wild cats, snakes, or coyotes, the bunnies are in danger.

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Busy Streets And Heavy Traffic

Bunnies jump around on the roads, and they can not sense other vehicles. This behavior makes it dangerous for them. When your bunny did not cross any street before, it will be risky for it.

Hungry For Food

Domestic bunnies are not aware of how to maintain themselves. Also, they do not have an idea of where to find food. Out of instincts, the bunny tends to eat grass whenever it sees. Even though the grass is good food but eating from every place is not good. They may have pesticides, which causes the rabbit to suffer from various illnesses. Bunnies do not know how or where to find the water.

What Should I Do To Help The Bunny Come Back Home?

It is not good to wait for the bunny to return home by itself. Start searching for the rabbit in nearby places. Here is the list of some things you can use to bring back the bunny.

Search For The Bunny

When you can not find the bunny in its pen, you should search for it. First, look in every corner of your house. If you did not find it, start searching for the bunny outside your home. You should not wait in your house for a long time as the bunny will run far away.

Setting A Trap

You can find various bunny traps and tiny rodent traps. It is better to rent or buy it so you can catch the bunny. You should purchase a trap that does not injure or kill the bunny. For hunting purposes, there are a few traps that can kill the rabbits. Place the favorite treat of the bunny in it as it gains the attention of your pet.

Look Around

Bunnies have a small body, and there are many places where they can hide. It is better to look beneath the vehicles, bushes, gardens, and plants. If you want, you can inquire with your neighbors about the bunny, if they saw it or not.

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Let People Aware Of It

Say it to everyone in your neighborhood that your bunny is missing. You can attach leaflets, or it is also good to post them on your social media accounts. If anyone finds your bunny, they can inform you.

Appealing To Bunnies’ Senses

Bunnies depend on their senses rather than their eyesight. You should appeal to the bunny’s sense to return home. They have good hearing and smelling sense. It is better to play the music they enjoy or make a line to your home with their favorite treats.

How To Make Sure That The Bunny Does Not Escape

We hope that you will find your bunny and keep it safe in your house. No one wants a repeat of these types of situations. You can follow the below steps to stop the bunny from running away.

Keeping Bunny Indoors

It is better to keep the bunny inside your home, and it can avoid heat strokes due to the hot weather. By putting the rabbit indoors, you can watch it all the time, so there are no chances for the bunny to escape.

Make The Bunny Trust You

If the bunny is comfortable with the surroundings or trusts you, it will not escape your home. The bunnies might run away due to curiosity, but the possibilities are low.

Fix Up Holes In The Backyard

If your bunny is an outdoor bunny, it will dig up a burrow to run away. You should often check for any holes in your garden or backyard. When you find burrows close them.