Do Rabbits Know And Recognize Their Siblings?

For every litter, there will be one to fourteen baby rabbits. But the typical litter size is around six. As the mortality ratio of pet rabbits is less many baby rabbits can manage till adulthood. Here comes the primary question – can the babies identify each other while growing up?

Babies can identify their siblings from the same litter. It is easy for the babies to make a bond if they have been together since their birth. Also, the babies will try to breed with each other. You should neuter and spay them when they reach a certain age to avoid breeding.

Rabbits, being social animals, often wants company. It is natural for sibling rabbits to form a bond with each other. They create a prominent relationship to withstand incidents that may crack bonding. For example, they can survive even if there is a change in each other’s smell or if you keep them away for a certain period.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sibling Bonds

For their whole life, rabbits build personal bonds. In general, the wild rabbits stay in a group of ten to fifteen with a single dominant male rabbit. Rabbits can make bonds even if they are not related to each other. The siblings can form bonds with each other during their early stages.

The rabbit siblings are born from the same litter and at the exact time. They will grow together and are likely to spend their entire lives with each other. So, it is natural for them to feel comfortable, happy, and safe with each other’s presence. Bonded rabbits will eat, groom, rest, snuggle, and play. The sibling rabbits will have a great beginning of all the above behaviors.

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The second advantage is the sibling rabbits’ bonding will go deep. It is natural for the rabbits to change their smell after you neuter or spay them. It may also break their bonds with their partners. The bonded siblings can identify each other even if their smell changes or going through a separation or operation.

The rabbits can break off their bonding with each other when they make it into sexual maturity. After neutering or spaying them, you do not have to worry if they change their bonded partner. The sibling rabbits have a decent opportunity of identifying each other. But, there is no proof to guarantee that they will get back together after their smell changes.

The same-litter sibling rabbits may identify and form bonds with each other. But, you have to be cautious with them. For instance, even if they are from the same family, a few female and male pets try to breed. It is a natural behavior of the rabbits, and they would not care even if it is their siblings.

When the sibling rabbits breed each other,  there can be a few severe aftermaths. As you know, inbreeding causes harm to health and the hereditary species. The same applies to the rabbits as well.

Baby rabbits born from inbreeding might face many health issues. Rabbits might develop primary risks such as misaligned and hurtful teeth. This health issue makes it difficult for pets to eat as it is painful and raises their stress levels. You can see other health risks on their eyes, reproductive state, growth rate, and more.

It is better to neuter or spays your rabbits as fast as possible. So, you can avoid these kinds of dangerous situations. The best time for neutering a female rabbit is between four to six months. For the male pets, when they are eight to twelve weeks old, you can spay them.

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If you want to bring two rabbits from the same litter, it is better to get a pair of females or two males. This method helps you to prevent breeding. Indeed, many pet owners can not deal with many litters of rabbits. Also, a neutered or spayed rabbit will become calm, healthy, and shows less aggression.

Begin the rabbit bonding procedure at their early age because it is effective.

Long-term And Short-term Memory Of Rabbits

The short-term memory of the rabbits is around five minutes. Rabbits can not recollect every detail that occurs throughout the day. But they can make intense relations with their long-term memory. While growing up, it also specifies their natural behavior and instincts.

Like other creatures, rabbits have deep connections with safe, secure, and happy emotions. They also have relations with negative feelings such as pain, discomfort, and fear. Your pets can recognize humans, rooms, sounds, and buddies with motivation and support. Using the repetition method, rabbits can identify the owners. They can enjoy music and will also react if you call their name!

Rabbits tend to recall every bad incident they come across. If your pet walks on a pointed thing or bites an electric wire, it will remember these incidents. When the rabbits consume something terrible, they will try to prevent the same thing. It is a good habit as it allows the rabbit to be safe.

If you harm the rabbit, it will remember the incident. It becomes difficult for you to rebuild its trust. Rabbits recall their painful and nervous things. Also, getting them out of the negative memory is a bit impossible.

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How To Fix Broken Bonds Between Rabbits

Bonding and connections are crucial to the lives of your pets. They often seek socialization and company and get that from you or their buddies. But, the bonds between rabbits are not always ideal. Sometimes, these bonds can break off, including the strongest ones between rabbit siblings.

Many things damage the bonding between the rabbits. For example, grown-up attitudes, hormones, habitat change, and more can harm the bond. If the bonded rabbits show territorial or aggressive acts, you should separate them. If possible, re-introduce these rabbits to each other after some time as strangers.

Click here if you want more advice on introducing your pets. Also, you can find a detailed guide there which discusses the bond between adult and baby rabbits.

A few times, you can not mend the harm of a broken bond. Rabbits are sensitive to transformation. There are high chances that the bond between two fighting rabbits would not last long.

No one is at fault for this, and sometimes broken bonds do occur. Never force two unbonded to stay together because it is more dangerous. It often causes stress, makes them angry, and they will get severe health issues.

If you are in the same situation with your pets, consider changing their surroundings. Get them a new partner. Rabbits will feel happy to have company, so try your best not to keep them alone!