Do Rabbits Like Being Chased? – A Safety Guide

Rabbits love running around all day. Instinctively, people might chase behind rabbits while playing with them. However, do rabbits like being chased at all?

Normally, rabbits are so cheerful and fun that you might have a hard time keeping up with them! However, running is also their reflex to any potential predators around the area. So, as long as you make your little bunny safe and comfortable, chasing them around will not be a problem at all. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to certain behavior and signs to detect any signs of discomfort.

You are probably wondering what these signs are and what to watch out for. We have discussed some aspects of such behavior, so you have an easier time figuring your rabbit out!


This is something your need to keep an eye out for. There are particular signs that rabbits show if they want to react or strike back. Some owners also observed that these are signs of anger: 1) If a rabbit’s ears are to the back defensively. 2) If a rabbit starts to grunt or starts thumping. If you find your rabbit preparing itself for a smackdown, it sure is angry! You can catch on to this if you notice them using their hind legs to stand up.

Another sign that they are getting ready for a fight is to show you their teeth while keeping their body down and prepared. You need to take a step back here to save yourself from being bitten or pounced on. So, it is best to tone down whatever you are doing because it is clearly pushing the wrong buttons!

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These signs are never positive. If you notice your rabbit expressing any of these while you chase them, it means they are not enjoying it. In such situations, it is recommended to give them space and leave them alone for some time.


Another indication you need to remember is signs of anxiety. It is often difficult to tell whether your rabbit is anxious as they aren’t too expressive of it. Here are some ways that make determining whether your rabbit is nervous very simple.

They hide. Rabbits often tend to hide, and on many occasions, the reason is anxiety. A great way to check up on your rabbit’s mental state is to observe its tail and ears. Ears flat on the back and head close to the ground are also signs of anxiousness, although rarer. If you see flat ears, your rabbit is scared. In this situation, the best solution is to either change your rabbit’s surroundings or clear out space.

If you detect any of these signs while chasing your rabbit, it is best to give it a second to calm down and relax. Once you think you have given it enough time and space, you can resume chasing them around again!


Now, this is where the fun is! Your rabbit is finally feeling calm and comfortable around you and the surroundings. Luckily, telling you whether your rabbit is happy and in the mood to play will be pretty apparent. You will not observe the signs we discussed above in a playful rabbit. You will sense no distress or anxiety while it runs around with you chasing them.

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Here are some ways you can tell that your rabbit is not experiencing any discomfort in a resting position:

  • Check whether your bunny’s little legs are nicely tucked under them.
  • Also, look out for any buzzing or clicking produced by their teeth, which often indicates a good mood.

There are more signs of comfort that rabbits express when they are active. See if your rabbit is running around even when you don’t chase them. This evidently means that they are doing it because they are enjoying and not afraid or anxious. In fact, you should do it more often if they seem to enjoy all the playing and exercise!

If a rabbit is feeling safe and comfortable with you, they will lick you sometimes. This is another sign you can keep an eye out for. The last foolproof method is observing their tails and ears. We discussed how their ears and tails are generally positioned when they are anxious. In a happy state, you will find their ears and tails to be relaxed. Their ear and tails are the first signs of anything that your rabbit feels. So, if they are relaxed, your rabbit is most likely to be in a calm and comfortable state of mind.

How to Make Your Rabbit Feel Comfortable

You really are eager if you have stayed this far into this article. This perhaps comes from you spending a good chunk of your day chasing your rabbit! You are probably figuring out how to make your rabbit feel comfortable when you chase them.

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Here’s a list of solutions that you can try over some time for your rabbit to finally feel comfortable chasing them:

  • Pay attention to anything that is troubling your rabbit
  • Keep petting them
  • Make sure your rabbit is familiar with its surroundings
  • Try to speak softly when your rabbit is around
  • Give your rabbit treats regularly
  • Buy some toys for it
  • Spend more time playing with your rabbit
  • Create a regular practice of playing with them and petting them
  • To help them calm down, you can try covering their eyes and ears

These are some great ideas you can try out to make your rabbit feel comfortable and at home. Once you make it comfortable, your rabbit will have a ball while you chase them around!

Finally, it is crucial to ensure that your rabbit feels safe and comfortable at home. While they are ordinarily fun and playful creatures, you must make sure they feel familiar and secure with their surroundings. There are many ways you can make your rabbit feels less restless in its environment. Pay attention to your rabbit’s behavior and body language to observe progress. You can use your instincts to tell what your pet needs and what’s best for them!