12 Effective Methods To Rabbit-Proof A Gate  

Sometimes the rabbits can be a handful as they often jump around and get into problems. You need to keep it away from particular locations, either in your backyard or house. You can use a cage or a baby gate to restrict them. Here comes the question, what will you do when your fluffy pet comes in through the gate? 

If the rabbit often exits from the cell, you better prepare a cage with robust substances so that the rabbit can not chew through it. If needed, extend the height of the enclosure so the rabbit can not hop from the top. Cover up 6 to 8 inches of the gate so the rabbit can not dig a tunnel beneath the fence

Here you can learn about twelve different methods to keep the rabbit inside the cell.

Making The Gate From Metal 

Rabbits like to chew! They will chew on everything that can tear through. It is easy for the rabbits to gnaw on the wooden gate to escape from there. If you create the fence from metals, the rabbits can not chew on them

Even if you make a wooden gate, attaching metal shields on the gate’s lower base is also a good idea. It adds extra strength and increases the stability of the gate. This method makes the gate more durable and restricts the rabbit from coming through it. 

Connecting Furring Strips 

Using furring strips to strengthen the gate for keeping the rabbit away from it is one of the practical methods. First of all, these furring strips are heavy wooden strips that you can hide on the pen’s gate in a vertical position. It prevents the rabbit from chewing on it. It is effective if you want to divert the rabbit from chewing on the gate. 

Put In Metal Flashing 

In general, wild rabbits live in tunnels, and digging the surface underneath them is their instinct. This furry pet will explore everything that comes in its way. If you want to control this, it is better to leave 6 to 8 inches of metal flashing into the vertical ground. This method will prevent the rabbit from escaping through the tunnels

Buying The Rabbit A Digging Box Or Platform 

It is easy to control the digging instincts of the rabbit by providing a box or a platform. Your pet will try to make holes underneath this box. In general, when the furry one is feeling bored, it will start to dig in the places where you restrict them. So, giving them a digging box or platform will make them busy for some time

Keeping A Mat Or A Carpet Near Gate’s Base 

Keeping a mat, blanket, or carpet on the floor inside the cage will keep away the rabbit from digging. It is also one of the easiest and effective methods. Place a rug along the length of the gate. Making holes through a mat is near to impossible compared to the ground. The furry one will get bored digging through the carpet as the surface would not tear open. It also makes it difficult for the rabbit to escape through the gate

Removing the Vegetation Away From The Gate 

Your furry one likes vegetation. It often goes there to find a snack to eat. So, keeping the vegetation far away from the rabbit’s gate will stop your pet from escaping through the cage. But if your furry animal smells it even from far away distances, it will go out from the cell. 

Providing Rabbit With Enough Amounts Of Hay 

This method is the same as the digging box or platform. When you give enough hay, grass, and other snacks to your pet, it will be busy chewing on them and forgets about getting in through the gate. The rabbit would not have a valid reason to come out from the cage because it has everything it needs. 

Making The Gate Taller Than Four Feet 

As you know, your furry pet can jump up to vertical heights of four feet with ease. So, if the rabbit wants to come in, it will try to jump over the gate. Jumping and hopping are the natural behavior of rabbits, and they are flexible on their feet. If you create a gate more than four feet, it is not easy for your pet to jump over it. 

Remember, the taller the gate, the fewer chances for your pet to jump over it. It also reduces the risks of jumping and keeps the rabbit safe. 

Removing Nearby Objects 

Many times, your pet tries to find different ways to do what it likes. Rabbits, being innovative and curious creatures, would not stop with a minor obstacle. When the rabbit finds any object near the gate, it will hop on it to jump over the fence. This way, it will become easy for your pet to come in through the gate.   

If you want to avoid this situation, it is better to remove all the objects near the gate so your pet can not use this tactic anymore. 

Using A Spray With Sour Smell Or Taste 

Rabbits have highly sensitive noses, and it is around twenty times sharper than the human’s nose. Your pet has one of the highest sensory inputs of all time. Due to this, you can use particular smells to keep your pet away from specific places. So, it will stay in its pen and would not bother others. 

A few smells that your pet hates include vinegar, chopped red peppers, and garlic. You can put these items near the rabbit’s gate, and it would not come near it. If you want, it is also a better idea to mix these items to make a spray. Use this spray bottle and sprinkle it on the gate. If the scent is terrible, your pet will not even think of coming near the fence. 

Using Exercise Pen To Keep Your Rabbit Busy 

One of the effective ways to restrict your pet from coming in through the gate is to give them other obstacle courses. It is better to leave the rabbit in an exercise pen, and it will be busy playing in it. Also, keeping food and other play toys inside the exercise cage is the best alternative. 

The above method will keep the rabbit free from being bored. Give something for the pet so that it will be busy most of the time. It is also better to give the rabbit a different play area.

Keeping The Aggressive Animals Near The Pen 

As you know, rabbits are easy prey animals. They are also survival animals whose safety depends on their skills. If you want, you can keep an aggressive predator animal on the opposite side of the rabbit’s pen so that it will remain in its place. Such animals are pet dogs or cats. Your pet rabbit would not come out of its cage because it is afraid of the animals on the other side. 

This fear will keep your pet rabbit in its cage. But it is crucial to remember not to stress the rabbit too much. 

Handling Wild Rabbits 

All of the above suggestions and methods are for rabbit owners who want to deal with their domestic pet rabbits. But, how to deal with the wild rabbit in the same situation?

One of the best methods is using bitter or sour smells. The wild rabbit will never come near the places that emit these scents. Another excellent idea is to keep an aggressive animal near the gate. The wild rabbit would not escape from its pen due to the possible fear of predator animals eating it

If you want the rabbit to stay away from specific locations, it is better to use metal gating. Also, putting in a metal flashing is another decent alternative. I highly recommend that you make a gate that is more than four feet.

If the above methods are not working, you might need to go with the crucial yet practical way. Bring in an exterminator to handle the wild rabbits. It will stop the wild rabbit from coming through the gate. 

If you do not consider this as one of the options, you can shift the nest and wild rabbits to a different location, and they will not disturb you. 

Rabbits Skills, Digging To Hopping 

Rabbits, being versatile and creative animals, will try many ways to dodge a problem. If you can understand them and what they need, it is better to change their pen to a different area.

The pet rabbit has practical and natural digging skills. In general, the wild rabbit’s burrows are 12 to 18 inches beneath the ground, and with this ability, they can dig deeper. The rabbit can make holes through the gate within a few minutes. So, by keeping a metal flashing beneath, they will get bored and stops trying to come out. It is why burying the metal works. 

Your furry pet has strong hind legs and will often use them. The rabbits can jump up to four feet in a vertical range, and in horizontal distances, they can jump up to nine feet. Your pet will use its ability to jump over the gate. So, it is better to make a taller gate.

If you can understand your pet’s eyesight, you can discover many ways to restrict it from entering certain places. Your pet can observe 3D objects, but it can not define them. It is better to place a few items which look like predators near their pen, so they will not come out.

If you are aware of these things about your pet, you can control it with ease. You can also keep it as far away as you wish from certain places. Follow the above methods and tricks to have the rabbit-proof gate, which will prevent your pet from entering through the gate.