How Many Rabbits in 1 Cage? Here’s the Answer

Rabbits, being social-friendly creatures, enjoy having a companion, mainly if the pet owner can not spend much time with the rabbit.

You can place several rabbits if you have a large pen. It is better to make sure that every rabbit has 12 square feet of living area for itself. But getting a large cell is also good. Before that, there are a few things you have to consider – how many chores are you willing to do, do you have enough space for keeping the rabbit and the socialization of the pet.

It is natural for the rabbits to stay in groups. So, by introducing each one to your rabbit in a decent way, you can keep all the pets that adapt themselves. A pair of rabbits is the ideal amount for a small household that wants to have adorable pets. But it is up to you and your family to decide how many you want.

First of all, more rabbits mean additional work. Also, you have to spend plenty of money on their food, essentials, and veterinarian fees. But, keeping many rabbits gives your family and pets a strengthening experience.

Here is the list of five main elements that are crucial to accommodate many rabbits:

  1. Area
  2. Food and water
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Reasonable separation
  5. Quiet and slow introductions


Give rabbits plenty of areas. So, they can stretch, roam around, exercise, and continue to be comfortable and healthy. In general, giving them a living area of about twelve square feet is better. But, if your pet is growing, you have to keep it in a vast space.

The utmost weight of a few rabbit breeds is around two and a half pounds. Meanwhile, some other species weigh about 22 pounds. The available area you have in your home is also one factor that specifies which kind of rabbit is decent for your household. Maintaining two Netherland Dwarves is a lot easier instead of looking after two Flemish Giants.

Only you have an idea of how much available area is there in your place.

Cells And Containers

For keeping the rabbits, many owners use cages or cells, and the type of enclosures varies depending on the people and house. But, here is the list of famous models:

  • Hutch – It is a wooden layout with two rooms and works as a whole pet house.
  • Cages – These have the same construction as the above hutch but uses more metal and look simple.
  • Pens – Owners use puppy pens and newborn gates for separating the rabbit. But the pet will have enough space to jump around.
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Remember, choosing a large area is better when keeping the rabbit/s. Your pet will feel happy and comfortable with enough space that you give it. Also, if it is going to have a new companion, your rabbit expects to have more space so that it can stay peaceful and safe.

A pen gives vast space, a cage has better productivity, and the enclosure looks more like a visual home. Remember, because you are the owner, the decision is up to you of where to keep your pet.

Food and Water

One of the crucial factors you have to consider while maintaining many rabbits is giving them enough food and water.

If you feed them plenty of water and food, your pets will not act territorial or aggressive for these resources. It also encourages the rabbits to have a peaceful and comfortable connection with each other.

It is not a good indication if your pets are aggressive towards each other for food. If a single rabbit shows authority on others, you have to separate their food by keeping it in a different pen. If needed, you can also provide food in various areas in their cage. With these methods, the chances of showing opposition will be less.


For keeping the rabbit’s pen and litter box neat, you can clean it one time a week. But if you have many pets, you have to change the one time a week plan to once a day.

In general, it is easy to clean and maintain one or two pets compared to five or more rabbits. For more productive maintenance in this kind of situation, it is better to establish a living system. For instance, develop an outside area for the rabbits.

Cleaning your pet’s area is crucial for it to remain healthy, and also the rabbit will feel happy and comfortable. When the pet is not facing any stress from its surroundings, it tends to make social connections with the other rabbits. If the rabbit feels safe and happy around its companions, there is no need for you to separate them.


Here is the list of some reasons why you have to split up your pets:

  • When the rabbits are not neutered or spayed
  • If they act territorial and aggressive
  • If there is a sudden and enthusiastic introduction between them

Separation By Gender

A rabbit is famous for its quick reproduction rates. Every month, it is possible for the female rabbits to get a litter of nine babies. It is a possible thing, but it is neither safe nor healthy for the adult rabbit.

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If you do not want them to breed, you should keep female and male pets in separate pens. If you want the baby kits, you can keep them together. But considering their health and safety, placing them in the same area is not a good idea.

Neutering and spaying your pets is also a better option. It eliminates the chances of reproduction and also calms down your rabbits. Thus, they can have more social connections with other rabbits. It is an excellent idea if you only want to take care of your furry pet.

Separation By Territory

In general, rabbits are territorial creatures. The rabbits can allow each other into their space, but the chances are not that high.

Even after keeping their eating places in different areas, if your pets are still showing aggression, it is better to keep them in separate rooms. During this phase, your pets do not wish to live with each other. The most practical and safest option is keeping them away as far and as much as possible.

Apart from their animal instincts, there are other reasons for that kind of behavior from your rabbits. When this situation happens, it will be hard for you to find out. But here are a few advice on how to reduce those kinds of possibility:

Proper And Slow Introduction

If you want to introduce two or more new pets, it is better to take it slow! A duration of three weeks is a perfect amount of time. As the rabbits are territorial and fearful animals, you have to try your best to reduce their fear. You can use the below procedures:

  1. Introduce them on a neutral surface: Keeping the rabbits in areas where they would not dominate others will make it easy for your pet to get close with the new rabbit.
  2. Develop a peaceful environment for the pets to see each other: Your furry pets feel safe when they are satisfied with the surroundings.
  3. During their first physical intercourse, separate them: You might find this troublesome. But if you put a leash on the rabbits or separate them by keeping a gate, they will be aware of each other. Your pets will introduce themselves to others’ scent and presence without causing any harm.

It is crucial to have patience while doing this procedure. Taking time to make it right is better than rushing and panicking your rabbit. If you are handling new pets, be cautious about their body language and reactions around others. When you see the indications of opposition, interfere between them and use other methods later.

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If your pets are adapting themselves to each other, it is better to put them together often. These rabbits will eat, rest, nap, and play together, and over time they will make a “bonding.”

Getting Along With Others

Getting them from the same litter is another method you can use to create a bond between your pets.

If you want to own more than one pet, it is better to buy the rabbits from the same litter. These pets tend to get along and will feel safe and happy with the presence of others.

Getting more than one rabbit from the same breed is also good. Even though these are not close with the others as siblings, there are high opportunities of having a steady introduction.

Keeping Them Outside

Rabbits live and grow outdoors. If you are willing to move their pen outdoors or let them roam in the outside areas, you are recreating their natural environment.

When you see a group of rabbits, you should call them colonies. They stay in a system of tunnels, which is warren. It is easy to make a warren, and all you need to do is attach their pens, hutches, or cells using caves. This method enables your pets to have their instincts for creating navigation and friendship. Also, it develops an excellent habitat and a community for the rabbits to stay.

If you have groups of pets, like three or more rabbits, an artificial warren is an excellent idea.

When all your pets live outdoors, they will get more than enough area for eating, playing, and stretching. They will feel safe and comfortable, and it looks like they are living in their natural habitat.

One factor that you need to be aware of is their openness to outdoor areas. It is crucial to get daylight for your pets, but keeping them under too much sun is dangerous. Also, the rabbits are accessible to the predators when they do not have shade or coverage to their pens. If the pets have spots for hiding in their cage, they will feel energetic, happy, and safe.

Life With The Pet

When your pet adapts itself to stay with more rabbits, you will get a delightful experience to see how they grow, act, and make bonds together.

Rabbits with bonds do not face much stress and will always be playful, healthy, and happy!