How To Care For A Rabbit In Hot Weather?

If you have a rabbit, keeping it cool during the hot summer days is very crucial. Rabbits do not feel comfortable in hot temperatures and need your help to remain cold. 

Below are the ten crucial pieces of advice you can use to keep your pet cooler: 

  • Giving plenty of water 
  • Good enough air circulation 
  • Keeping moist towel on the surface of the pen
  • Placing a marble tile inside the pen
  • Sprinkling water using a spray bottle
  • Plenty of shade
  • Keeping frozen and icy water bottle inside the pen
  • Rub the extra fur
  • Washing leafy greens
  • Not dealing with your pet 

Before we dive into the details of every crucial tip, you need to learn when to use them.  

When Do Rabbits Feel Too Hot? 

Rabbits are safe and comfortable in temperatures of 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. But, you do not have to try several additional steps to keep them cool. When your rabbit has thinner hair, it will remain comfortable, even in extreme temperatures like 75 degrees, with little help from your side. 

But if the temperatures surpass 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you might start worrying about the overheating of your pet. To your surprise, rabbits get overheated in an instant. You have to remember this and put effort into keeping your furry pet cool.

Depending on the rabbit breed and surroundings, their situation might vary. If the pet has long fur and its environment is a bit humid, you have to be more cautious about the rabbit’s temperature. Consider checking the rabbit to see any signs of heat stroke more often. Below you can find detailed information on the ten tips, and we list the indications of heatstroke in your pets. Look at them and know how to deal with heatstroke. 

1. Plenty of Water 

This step is very crucial! When the rabbit is not having enough water, it will face dehydration and gets overheat. You have to make sure that the pet is drinking plenty of water to remain hydrated. 

When your pet only drinks water from a water bowl or bottle, it is better to keep an extra pot of water. This method allows the rabbit to have many options to drink water. If you want, keep a few ice cubes in the water to convince the rabbit to drink more cold water. But you should not provide frozen water for your pet.

2. Air Circulation 

If you keep the rabbit inside, then modest air circulation is crucial to keep the furry pet cool. It is better to turn on the air conditioning and ensure that it is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit and running throughout the day. A few owners will shut off the air conditioning while they are going out. If you do this, the rabbit will suffer from discomfort. 

Another alternative is to keep a portable rotating fan close to the rabbit’s pen. It is better to AVOID placing this fan directly on your pet. The moving fan makes it easy for the rabbit to walk away from that area if it feels too cold.

If the day is too hot or if there is no air conditioner in your home, keep a cup of ice cubes in the front face of the fan so the cooler air will direct to your pet. 

3. Moist Towel 

Keeping the damp or moist towel on the outer surface of their pen is another excellent option to keep your pet cool. This method helps the air circulation in the room and veranda to remain cooler. You do not have to place a water-dripping towel, and only a moist cloth is enough. 

When the towel becomes warm, take it out and keep another towel. If not, the warm towel fills the room with the hotter air. It is better to avoid humidity if it is making the rabbit and the surroundings warmer. 

4. Keeping Marble Or Ceramic Floor 

Keeping one ceramic or marble tile in the pet’s pen is an incredible alternative! If you use this method, there is nothing much for you to do. When the rabbit feels hot, it will rest on the tile, and if it is too cold, the pet will move away from it. 

But, make sure to hide the tile from the sun. If you place this tile in the area where there is direct sunlight, it will spread out the heat. When the rabbit rests on this tile, it will be very harmful. So to avoid this kind of incident, keep the tile in a shady spot.

The marble and ceramic stoneware are available at the regional home modification shops. You can buy any tile because there is no specific pet-friendly product. 

5. Drizzling 

Rabbits do not know how to swim well. So drizzling is the safest choice to cool your pet. NEVER bathe the rabbit. The rabbits will feel shocked due to the extreme change in weather.

It is better to sprinkle a little bit of water on the back area of your pet from time to time around the day. Mainly on their ears! The rabbits emit body heat through their ears. When you drizzle water on their ears sometimes, it reduces the risk of overheating. 

6. Shade Or Covering 

Please, we REQUEST you to place your furry pet in the shade! Excess sunlight will result in heatstroke! There is not much to worry about the inside pets as they get air conditioning. But, outdoor pets are far away from this amenity. Keep the outdoor rabbit’s pen in a shady space so that your pet will stay cool. 

NEVER keep the outdoor rabbits inside your home when the weather is hot. Rabbits, being sensitive creatures, tend to panic when there is a sudden temperature change. It is better to try other steps to ensure that the outdoor rabbit stays cool. 

7. Frozen Or Icy Water Bottle 

Frozen water bottles are not for the pet to drink! Keep a one or two-liter water bottle in the freezer. Once the bottle turns icy, consider keeping it inside the pet’s pen. When the surroundings are hot, the rabbit will rest against the water bottle to stay cooler. Also, if it feels cold, your pet will lay in some other place. 

After leaving one bottle in the pet’s pen, it is helpful to have spare water bottles in the freezer. This way, when the water bottle melts, you can replace it with a new frozen one.  

8. Brushing Extra Fur 

On hot weather days, consider brushing the surplus fur of the pet. This extra fur might trap them in the heat. Even though rabbits shed their hair throughout the year, it is not good to peel too much in summer. The rabbits try to remove the winter hair to get thinner summer hair to handle summer.

If your pet does not shed too much, you might find this tip not effective. But, remember that every small thing will keep your pet cool. Plus, if you remove the extra fur, it can avoid getting digestion problems related to hairballs. 

Consider using a pet-specific scrub to comb the rabbit’s hair. As the rabbits have fragile fur, it is better not to brush with force. 

9. Washing Leafy Greens 

As the owner, it is practical for you to give your pet plenty of water. Washing or misting the leafy greens with water before feeding the rabbit is one of the effective methods. These moist veggies will attract your pet to consume them along with the water. Rinse the kale or romaine foods with liquid so the rabbits will get enough water. This method is fantastic as the primary preference is hydration! 

10. Do Not Deal With Your Rabbit 

You might find it hard not to rub the rabbit, but your pet will be thankful for it. During hot weather, carrying, stroking, and dealing with the rabbit causes stress to your pet. 

On a hot day, consider prohibiting yourself from touching the rabbit. If possible, play with your pet either in the morning or in the evening because the weather becomes cooler. 

Indications Of Overheating 

When the hot temperatures are rising, it is better to check the rabbit from time to time for any overheating indications. It is dangerous for the rabbits to get a heat stroke. Below is the list of heatstroke symptoms:  

● Sluggish movement (lethargy) 

● Red ears 

● Gasping or difficulty in breathing 

● Drooling

● Weakness

● Getting unconscious

● Shaking, trembling, and strokes – in extreme situations 

What Can I Do If The Rabbit Overheats 

Bring your pet to the veterinarian as soon as you can. Sometimes the rabbit’s condition might be severe, so it needs fluid injections to cool down its blood. Also, this process helps your pet during organ surgery. While you are taking the rabbit to the veterinarian, be cautious and do not stress the pet. If possible, try your best to keep it cool. 

Even though you can use the above steps to keep the rabbit cool, only the rabbit specialist will do the crucial things to cure the rabbit.

When you notice that the furry pets are overheated, bring them away from that territory. Protect them in a cool place but take it slow because your pets are sensitive, and severe weather change will send them into a panic state. 

If possible, use a fan to give a soft and steady breeze in your pet’s location. Moistening the rabbit’s skin will also help to keep them cool. The cooler air with water in it is an incredible way to reduce the temperature of your pet. 

Give plenty of water to the rabbit. If rabbits suffer from dehydration, they have a high chance of overheating. If your pet is not sipping the water from the bottle, use a bowl and vice versa. But, never force your pets to gulp the water because it will cause more stress to them.

Remember, when you notice any of the heatstroke symptoms, bring the rabbit to the veterinarian directly