Is Newspaper Safe for a Rabbit Cage? (Hint: It depends)

If you give soft bedding for the rabbits to stay, dig, and make a nest, they will become happy and feel comfortable, safe. But, for budget pet owners, reducing expenses on the rabbit is not often a beneficial idea. These owners think about whether the newspaper is a suitable pen liner for rabbits or not.

Giving newspapers to rabbits is safe only if the ink is free from toxins. You can use them as a cheaper option than the expensive bedding or litter models. Rabbits enjoy chewing on their bedding. It is better to make sure that the newspaper you are going to use as a pen liner is not dangerous for the rabbit if consumed.

For laying, bedding, or playing, the best thing is to give the rabbits safe items. Being the owner, it is your responsibility to take care of the rabbit’s safety and health!

How To Check Whether The Newspaper’s Ink Is Toxic Or Not?

At present, many newspapers use water and vegetable-based ink. These kinds of inks are safe for pets and are free from toxins. Almost every national newspaper is using soy color ink for many years. It is an ink made from vegetables, and it is safe for rabbits.

Before a few decades, many newspapers were using different petroleum-based inks, and they are very toxic. In the present generation, almost all newspapers use the standard soy ink. But, a few are still following the traditional petroleum-based inks. Due to this, it is crucial to check whether the newspaper you bought is safe for pets or not.

There are plenty of methods you can use to know what type of ink is in the newspaper. Here is one of the fast and easy ways – move your finger on the print texture and look for smudging, which might add stains on your fingers. If the ink is smudging, there are high chances that it is petroleum-based ink. It is toxic, and make sure to keep away from the rabbits. As for soy ink, it would not leave stains or smudges on your hands. The ink that smudges a lot will stain the rabbit’s feet.

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If you are still hesitant, contact the newspaper company and inquire about the kind of ink they use.

Can I Try Magazines Rather Than Newspapers?

Several magazines, advertisements, and cartoons use shiny coated paper. They use it to make the content colorful and attractive. But, this type of coating on magazine papers has toxic substances. Due to this, they are not safe for your furry pet and dangerous if eaten.

Rabbits, being delicate animals, have sensitive digestive systems. Factories use many chemicals and substances to print glossy papers. It includes latex, chalks, synthetic rubbers, and plastics. All these materials are harmful and might cause severe health problems to your rabbit.

All the glossy and coated papers feel soft when you touch them, and you can see a little light reflection on them. Remember, it is better not to buy sheets with this texture. Many newspapers are published on newsprint, which does not have any coating. Due to this, newspapers have a rough and feel natural when you touch them.

Even if the rabbit eats a tiny amount of magazine paper, it would not be disastrous. But it is best to avoid the magazines and other glossy-looking papers. It is good to choose something that has fewer chances of harming the rabbits.

Shredded Newspaper For Rabbit: Good Or Bad?

Rather than keeping the shredded paper as a flat page pen liner, it is better to use it in the rabbit’s cage. It is crucial to know that the shredded paper is not the best option for using it as a pen liner. Though it feels soft and porous, it can not control the stinky smell, and you have to change it more often. Because of the cheaper rate, many owners want to use it. It is better to integrate this with different kinds of bedding or liners. This method is beneficial and makes the expensive rabbit things last longer.

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Is Paper Dust Dangerous?

It is neither safe nor healthy for rabbits to stay in high dusty areas. It is best to give them dust-free bedding. Many times, the shredded paper can be dusty. It might result in other allergic reactions in the rabbits if your pet is sensitive. Many allergic signs in humans are the same for rabbits, such as overt sneezing, red eyes, itching, runny nose, and more.

You can knock down the dust of the shredded newspaper by blending it with more substances. But, it is better not to use it anymore if the rabbit is still sensitive to it.

Other Good And Inexpensive Liner Alternatives

Using newspapers is an extraordinary, cost-efficient method to line the rabbit’s pen and its play area. Besides that, cleaning them is ten times much easier. It has a few shortcomings as a bedding material but acts well as the liner. It is better to examine what type of bedding and liner alternatives are decent for you and the rabbit.

Combine different kinds of bedding until you got an excellent fit. Rabbits have to differentiate their bedding/play area from their litter box space. Because of this, it is better not to use the litter box material as the bedding. When they have the same materials in both places, they might be confused about where to sleep and poop. Every perfect bedding alternative has excellent safety, smoothness, odor absorption, and absence of dust.

Here are some safe bedding and liner options:

  • Phonebook pages: Remember, it is better to check whether the ink is non-toxic or not. Though many phone books have soy ink, checking it once more is safe.
  • Plain shredded paper: The ordinary printer paper is not the best eco-friendly option. But it does not use any toxic inks.
  • Fleece blankets: You can wash and reuse the fleece blankets. They feel soft and are safe for rabbits.
  • Pillowcases: It is a perfect choice if you need a thinner substance. You can fill foam pads in pillowcases for additional comfort.
  • Towels: Wash the old towels and give them to the rabbits. Make sure that they are neat.
  • Aspen Wood chips: It is a fantastic bedding option as it is soft, dust-free, and absorbent. But it is expensive.
  • Timothy Hay: Make sure to keep plenty of hay in their cage, and it also gives cozy bedding to rabbits.
  • Alfalfa: It is the best bedding plus chewing alternative.
  • Hemp bedding: Though it feels less cozy to rabbits, it is inexpensive than the aspen or pelleted beddings.
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Bedding Types To Avoid

Not every type of bedding and other liners are safe for pets.

Un-pelleted straw: It is tough, dangerous, and pokes the rabbit’s feet.

Cat litter: It is pleasant only for cats and is dusty. It is not the perfect choice for rabbits as it is chemical-laden.

Corn husks: These are not comfortable, and moisture stays in them, which causes the germs and mold to grow. Corn husks look like thin wires, and when the rabbit is chewing on them, they might get stuck in your pet’s teeth.

Cedar chips: The fragrant smell of this kind of chips are made from harmful chemicals. All the chemicals are dangerous for rabbits.

Pine chips: Just like the above cedar, the scented pine has hazardous chemicals, and you need to avoid them. A few people argue that the kiln-dried pine type is better, but it is best to stop using them.

Sawdust: The sawdust is dirty, polluted, and might result in itching in the rabbit’s eyes and nose.

Cardboard: Cardboard captivates the rabbits to chew on them. Eating them too much will cause intestinal blockage. It is dangerous for rabbits.