Shampoo For Rabbits: What You Can And Cannot Use?

Rabbits are generally clean animals and real groomers. Continue reading to know a few ways to make your pet more clean, happy, and healthy! 

You should bathe your rabbits only if they are very dirty. Plus, avoid giving regular baths to them. While preparing to wash them, make sure to use only the rabbit-specific shampoos. Spot cleaning is the perfect option if the pet looks dirty but does not require a full bath

Bathing rabbits is never the best idea because they can show hostile responses to water. Doing so can lead to high stress and panic, which could become dangerous. If a complete bath is necessary for your rabbit, contact the veterinarian. Ask them whether it is safe or not and other alternatives to clean your pet.  

The shampoo is vital to wash your rabbit. First of all, while buying the all-clear shampoo, consider rabbit-friendly shampoos. Besides that, it is best to get products that use all-natural ingredients and are cruelty-free.

The shampoos that we use for people are unsafe for rabbits. Plus, do not apply the shampoos of other animals like cats, dogs, and horses to rabbits. It is because they contain extensive chemicals and mixed-up formulas. The shampoos that have a few conditioning properties with a pleasant smell are alright for rabbits. 

“Rabbit is seen in the cruelty-free logo! While buying the shampoo for your rabbit, check the label to find similar symbols.” 

Rabbit-Safe Shampoos

Here are some shampoos that are beneficial for both full baths and spot treatments. 

Bodhi Dog All Natural Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray or Shampoo 

It is a safe product and beneficial for several types of creatures. This shampoo can calm and rebuild the rabbit’s skin. It includes numerous vitamins which extend their support for the pet’s health. 

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Sofie’s Secret 100% Natural Organic Pet Shampoo 

You can use this Sofie’s Secret shampoo even on human babies! This safe shampoo uses all-natural ingredients. They can soften the pet’s skin and stimulate healthy fur. Plus, it has a lovely scent! 

Mad About Organics Cat Oatmeal Shampoo 

You might be wondering why there is cat shampoo here. This moisturizing shampoo uses natural elements, and it is safe for rabbits as well. But it is not good for young kittens. Make sure to apply this on rabbits who are above four months old. 

Odie and Cody Natural Dog Shampoo 

This product by Odie and Cody is a perfect hypoallergenic shampoo. It is an all-natural rabbit shampoo that moisturizes the skin with a pleasant aroma. Though the label marks it as a “dog shampoo,” this product is safe for your rabbit.

Beaphar Small Pet Ferret and Rat Shampoo 

Beaphar makes it easy. You can use this shampoo to wash your pet. Plus, this acts as a conditioner for rabbit’s fur. This shampoo has a subtle yet fascinating smell. 

Below you can find a few products that do not need water at all. Use them if you have concerns about the rabbit’s response to water.

Citrus Magic Foaming Pet Cleanser

This shampoo is specially made for tiny animals that are difficult to clean. After applying some amount to the rabbit’s fur, start scrubbing it. When you are done cleaning, wipe away the extra foam!

Dry Shampoo No Rinse Foaming Cleaner – Waterless Natural Foam Mousse

It is dry shampoo. You can apply this foam all over the pet’s body or certain isolated areas. It can soothe the skin, and this shampoo is good for all types of fur. Plus, it is an all-natural and detangling product. 

Unsafe Cleaning Products 

Everything that is not specified for rabbits. 

Rabbits are delicate animals. They have thin and absorbent skin. If you apply a shampoo that contains chemicals or complex formulas, their skin will absorb it. This situation makes them ill and could become toxic. 

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Plus, shampoos that are made for other animals tend to cause harm to rabbits. Almost every creature possesses a unique kind of fur. Due to that, only certain shampoos can promote their skin health. The shampoo of other animals may not have the correct vitamins and nutrients that your rabbit’s fur needs. 

Dawn Dish Soap 

It is a popular soap to de-grease birds and other creatures. But this Dawn Dish Soap is not safe for your rabbits. This product acts gently on several animals but not on rabbits. It can peel away the rabbit’s skin and fur

Generic Soaps 

Foaming cleansers, bars, and liquid hand soaps are unsafe for rabbits. Many human hand soaps contain elements that are toxic to rabbits. They include: 

  • Antibacterial agents 
  • Powerful and synthetic aromas 
  • Complex formulas 
  • Chemicals (rare) 

The above-listed products are not favorable shampoo alternatives. Even if you are not bathing rabbits in water, never use them. Do not become lazy and never apply those products to your rabbit. 

Alternative Cleaning Options 

Spot Cleaning 

Spot cleaning is the ultimate method to help the rabbit if it needs little help in cleaning itself. You can use a wet cloth, with or without rabbit shampoo, to wipe their dirty areas. It is a beneficial and safest rabbit cleaning technique. 

Make sure to dry the pet’s fur after washing it. If your rabbit is wet, it might feel cold and can become vulnerable to illness and hypothermia. Scrub out the rabbit’s fur and drape it in a blanket or towel for warmth.

While washing your rabbit, make sure to check whether your pet is feeling stressed or not. Try your best to keep your pet steady and secure. Here are some signs which your pet shows if it in stress: 

  • Shaky breathing 
  • Covering itself (hiding)  
  • Fidgeting 


In general, rabbits are clean and sanitary creatures. But in some cases, they tend to have a fecal build-up on their bottom. During those times, you need to introduce spot cleaning techniques. 

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If there is a heavy fecal build-up, it is best to trim their fur.

Be cautious while trimming. If possible, ask another person to hold your pet. Relax your rabbit, and do not allow it to move much. Peel off only minor quantities of fur, and leave the rabbit’s paws. 

When you are intervening to help the rabbit in its hygiene, you need to be quick and use safe tools. Many insects and other infections can affect the rabbit. Because of that, your pet’s health and cleanliness can worsen.

If your rabbit is not cleaning its bottom, there might be a few external factors. If this behavior remains, do not anticipate that its attitude will change. Instead, go to the vet for a check-up.

Bonded Rabbits 

Mated or bonded pairs have the responsibility of grooming each other.

Grooming is a social and also a personal act. Using grooming habits, pairs and rabbit groups will show their social hierarchy. Motivating socialization in your pets can keep them clean, healthy, and happy. 

Here is one primary thing to keep in mind. If your rabbits are grooming each other excessively, it might be “barbering.” When barbering happens, the pets tend to pull out chunks of fur. This habit is very dangerous for the rabbit’s skin and can cause extreme pain to them.

Trust Your Rabbit 

Rabbits can take better care of themselves. Sometimes it is crucial to allow them to do things on their own. Only your pet can understand how it feels and if there is something wrong with it. Hence, it is vital to keep an eye on the rabbit’s behavior. If you notice that your pet is normal, happy, and looks clean, both the rabbit and you are doing it right!