Here’s Why Rabbits Smells Each Other’s Bum?

A few people might find the rabbits smelling each other’s bum as gross. But, they have a good enough reason for doing that.  

The bunnies always check their partner’s or each other’s bums to recognize one another. The rabbits identify and differentiate one another by smelling the bum whenever they meet. It is only natural for them to go behind the rabbit as the bum has the dominant smell. You will also find the same behaviors in other pets such as cats and dogs 

Rabbits and other pet animals smell other’s bum for several reasons, and they are far more complex than your understanding level. Bunnies are very social-friendly animals, and they have numerous ways to form and develop relations with their other bunny buddies.   

Explaining Why Rabbits Sniff Each Other’s Bums? 

There are multiple reasons for the bunny to sniff other bunny’s bums. However, two crucial reasons why they do that are socialization and identification.   


Several rabbits start sniffing other bunnies for identification. According to a specific forum, some sources announce that “Maximum number of mammals sniff for identification.” 

When a rabbit is in a cage with other bunnies, it likes to know who they are by sniffing behind the rabbit. Besides, the rabbit wants to make sure whether other bunnies are friends or causes harm to it.  

Being the most fearful animals, rabbits have plenty of reasons to be afraid. Moreover, they are always cautious around other kinds of animals when they meet in any situation.  

The professionals believe that “Rabbits will sniff around other’s back as they are the common and easiest prey animals. Besides, they also get scared of small things. Fear or anxiety is a reaction which encourages the animals to avoid every kind of risky situation, and rabbits are a type of animals that always live with fear.”   

As you know, the common and typical idea anyone would get when they are scared is to run from there, and rabbits are one of them.   

Over time, bunnies learn to be careful and anxious when there are too many living things in their surroundings. The first thing they do when they come across any new rabbit is sniffing its back.  


As you know, rabbits are the most friendly and social animals, so to make new friends, they will sniff around the back of other bunnies.  

Firstly, the rabbit will sniff other rabbits’ bum to check whether it is a threat or not. Secondly, the rabbit wants to check the other’s bum to make sure whether it is capable of becoming a new friend or not.  

The sniffing method that rabbits do has several names like pairing, bonding, and mixing. This entire procedure needs plenty of effort, attention, and time. Through the whole process, the rabbit finds trust in other rabbits and starts befriending them.  

For a rabbit’s livelihood, mixing, pairing, or bonding with other rabbits is crucial. The rabbits will bond together by sniffing each other, especially around the bum areas. 

Without socializing activities, rabbits can not make other bunnies as friends. Hence, forming a bond is incredible and essential for rabbits.  

Like you know, bunny animals are cute, fluffy, and socially active animals. However, when you leave them with other bunnies, they can develop odd and dangerous behaviors, so the owner must monitor and keep an eye on their rabbit.   

When you leave your rabbit with a new bunny, you have to be cautious because apart from being social animals, they are sensitive about territorial issues. The rabbits become very territorial of their surroundings as they are easy prey animals.  

According to some sources, “when you familiarize and socialize your rabbit with other animals at its young age, it is most likely to be friendly when it meets new animals.” 

Like other animals, one key aspect of your rabbit’s health and emotional levels is social life. When you spend more time and attention on your rabbit, you can get close to it over time. 

It Is Natural For Bunnies To Smell Each Other’s Bums 

Now we know a few reasons why the rabbits sniff behind other bunnies, but you may have a typical doubt of whether it is normal for rabbits or not? 

To get an answer to the above question, I went to search in many available platforms and found relevant information on Facebook. 

In a post written by a rabbit expert, she says that rabbits smell each other’s bum “for identifying or recognizing each other. Every single rabbit comes with its own and unique scent.”  

As of now, you might get the impression that bunnies are mainly sniffers. I came across many posts and comments that say the same thing. They all say that the rabbit sniffing other bunny’s bum is only natural. 

Hence, when you see that your rabbit is sniffing another’s bum, you do not have to worry as it is natural. Moreover, it is also a plus point for rabbits to be more socially friendly. When the rabbit sniffs more, it becomes more healthy, comfortable, and socially active. 

How To Make Your Rabbit More Social Active 

From the above information, it is clear that rabbits smell each other’s bum for two reasons. They are to recognize other bunnies and to become socially friendly. 

You can try the below ways to make your rabbit more social-friendly.

  • Starting from an early age, leave them with other bunnies for some time 
  • Never rush the rabbit to do something 
  • Give them treats and tasty food 
  • Provide them a few toys to the rabbits so they can play 
  • Observe their body language to understand them 
  • Speak in a calm, soft, and comforting voice 
  • Softly pat your rabbit
  • Give them some alone time 
  • Bring another rabbit so it can have friends  

Several actions of the rabbits show that they are social animals. One activity that proves the above statement is when the rabbits meet, they sniff each other’s bums.  

Next time when you notice that your rabbit is sniffing around another bunny, leave them as you know that they want to each other. 

My Personal Experience With Bunny Smelling 

Every time I come across a group of rabbits, some of them always sniff around. From vivid memories, I recollect that they are at each other’s bums 24/7.  

Now that I know the reasons, it makes sense why they sniff all the time. Rabbits want to make sure that they are with their friends rather than dangerous foes.